Alex L

OR LMT #27392

Alex brings his attention to detail and thorough kinesthetic knowledge to bear in every session. Specializing in deep tissue, hot stone, Swedish, and other Knot Springs offerings. (he/him)


OR LMT #24061

Alexandra loves to go deep on both a physical and an emotional level. Their training in Thai massage and trauma-informed bodywork makes their clients feel more grounded and energized. Specializing in Thai, Deep Tissue and CBD, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (they/them)


OR LMT #26979

Amanda creates an accepting and inclusive environment where people can be at ease. Combining deep pressure with a rhythmic intention, Amanda provides a chance to reset for the day. Specializing in Hot Stone, Cupping, Deep Tissue and Swedish, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (she/her)


OR LMT #26820

Amethyst offers a variety of tools to tailor a session to your needs. Utilizing their skills in Deep Tissue, Myofascial and Cupping, all sessions include a lovely zest of Swedish relaxation to them. Specialities include Ashiatsu, Deep Tissue, CBD and Swedish, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (she/they)


OR LMT #24245

Amy likes to connect on a deeper level. Her blend of eastern and western modalities connects deep, broad, slow and flowy strokes during your session. Specialities include abdominal work, Thai, Ashiatsu, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (she/her)


OR LMT #23971

Austin's style adapts to client's needs and incorporates work at muscle attachment points along with slow focused work. Whether you are wanting a calm relaxing experience or needing to work out some tension, he offers intuitive massage blending techniques from Swedish, Thai, and Sports Massage. (he/him)


OR LMT #22264

Bobby's love of sports and working with athletes translates to his bodywork. He goes deep and gets focused. Specializing in Deep Tissue, CBD and deep Swedish, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (he/him)


OR LMT #27353

Celeste combines massage and grounding techniques to help your nervous system decompress through her vast knowledge and life-long involvement in sports and recovery. Specializing in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, CBD and Swedish. (she/her)


OR LMT #11847

Christine thrives on creating a safe space to let it all go. With years of experience, her rhythmic flow allows you to turn off your brain and hit the recharge button on your nervous system. Specialities include Prenatal, Hot Stone, Swedish and Cupping, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (she/her)


OR LMT #27118

Christopher loves helping people feel more comfortable and at ease in their bodies. His style combines compassionate presence, intuitive flow, and gentle strength to provide a deeply relaxing and well rounded session. Specializing in Thai, Swedish, deep tissue, CBD, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (he/him)


OR LMT #27495

Claire blends somatically informed flowing massage with anatomic specificity. They love to help clients balance their nervous systems, release pain and tension, and encourage whole body integration. Specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, CBD, and other Knot Springs’ offerings (they/them)


OR LMT #17901

Davin finds your spots and releases tension effectively. Preferring deep work, he can offer a solid session with focused, intentional work. Specializing in Deep Tissue, Swedish and CBD, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (he/him)


OR LMT #26933

Elena fulfills the need for lighter, softer work. She infuses the rhythm of Thai massage with the relaxation of Swedish for a unique massage experience. Specializing in Thai, Swedish, CBD and Ashiatsu. (she/her)


OR FT #10167356

Emily's practice consists of listening, nurturing touch and honoring skin's natural processes and resiliency. By educating clients about the skin’s miraculous biology, Emily focuses on crafting a unique experience for all guests. Specializing in functional skin care at Knot Springs. (she/her)


SCS FT #10120267

Felice sees the skin as a mirror into the health and wellness of the whole body. Offering a light touch and relaxing flow, she focuses on a whole body wellness approach. Specializing in custom facials. (she/her)


 OR LMT #25012

Fiona believes each massage is as unique as the person she is working on. Through her years of human and animal massage Fiona has learned how to pay close attention to the rhythms and cues of the body, taking a slow, deep pressure approach or light and soothing flow. Specializing in Swedish, deep tissue, and CBD. (she/her)


OR LMT #23677

Fredy is a seasoned massage therapist with 13 years of experience, specializing in deep tissue, sports, and stretching techniques. With a deep understanding of the body’s mechanics, Fredy is dedicated to helping clients find relief from tension, improve flexibility, and enhance athletic performance. Fredy offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, CBD, and other Knot Springs' offerings.


OR LMT #19340

Gallagher loves integrating his love of dance and gardening into a grounding, rhythmic massage. Although he gravitates towards deep, athletic-focused work, he can provide a deeply relaxing massage as well. Specialities include Deep Tissue, Swedish, Prenatal and CBD, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (he/him)


OR LMT #24630

Jessamyne is an adaptive, experienced therapist who takes a nervous system-first approach to massage. Focusing on bringing you back to your body and managing your pain, her specialties include deep tissue, Swedish and hot stone (with some cupping and Thai techniques sprinkled in.) (she/they)


OR LMT #22343

Jessica thrives on using bodywork as a means to ease discomfort and free restrictions in the body and mind. Her work is flowy and relaxing with an added benefit of emotional grounding. Specializing in Ashiatsu, Couples, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and more, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (she/her)