Attention to how you’re moving in the world changes your experience. When you attend classes or receive personal training with us, you will be more aware and resilient in your daily life. There are three ways you can move with us:

Monday - Friday / 6am - 10pm
Saturday & Sunday / 8am - 10pm

• Daily classes (available to members)
• Monthly workshops (available to members and non-members)
• Mats and props provided
• Focus on awareness and process over outcome
• Mindfulness practices to ground, restore and expand you
• Open studio

This class connects breath to movement through flow-based sequencing. This class builds body awareness and strength for students looking for faster-paced yoga. This class may include optional inversions or arm balances.

This class connects breath to movement through flow-based sequencing. The room will be heated to 80 degrees. This class builds body awareness and strength for students looking for faster-paced yoga. This class may include optional inversions or arm balances.

This yoga class is designed for anyone needing to slow down, stretch out, relax and move without rush. This class includes longer holds and use of props.

Enjoy this slow-paced class that focuses on internal awareness and alignment with the use of props. This class is excellent for those beginning a yoga practice or looking to refine their intentional flow.

This is a high-energy strength building class that combines repetition with weights. The class begins and ends with a short yoga flow, but is primarily tailored to build endurance and resilience.

Yugasthenics (pronounced yoga-sthenics) includes dynamic yoga postures integrated with a repetitive body weight calisthenics practice. Students gain mental and physical strength, increase mobility, all while learning how to regulate breath with movement.

Yug: derived from ancient sanskrit means to yoke, as in binding body, breath and mind.

Calisthenics: a form of exercise that focuses on large muscle groups and may include pushing, pulling, jumping, swinging, dynamic and other types of freestyle movement.

This 45 minute guided meditation class is good for the absolute beginner as well as those who have previously practiced. The teacher will guide you through breathwork, visualizations and thoughtful movements as tools to enhance your mindfulness practice.

This weekly class is structured to the attendees and incorporates handstands, inversions and arm balances. It includes skills and drills, flow sequences and provides tools to expand capacity. Previous handstand practice is not necessary. Bring your curiosity, willingness to challenge yourself and playfulness to this collective community.

This class is part mindful movement and part mediation that is meant to guide students to an awareness of self. This slower-paced guidance will provide a grounding and clarity.

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Monday - Friday / 6am - 10pm
Saturday & Sunday / 8am - 10pm

• Daily classes (available to members)
• Monthly workshops (available to members and non-members)
• All equipment provided
• Coaching to meet your strength
• Build strength and endurance physically and mentally
• A community to cheer you on

From plyometrics to compound movements, this Cardio HIIT class provides exercises within a fast-paced and positive atmosphere. This style of both short and long bursts of movement is sure to have you sweating throughout the entire hour.

Meant to provide a muscle building focus, this Strength and Conditioning class offers heavier style weight training while incorporating cardiovascular elements. Instructors will help determine the correct weight for you and create an appropriate progression to build strength. The weekly classes alternate between squat-push and hinge-pull days to build all muscle groups.

Offering increased control and stability, this Full Body TRX resistance class requires the utmost attention and connection between body and mind. With the use of the TRX system, the whole body will find cohesive strength.

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Monday - Friday / 6am - 10pm
Saturday & Sunday / 8am - 10pm

• 1st Session Complimentary
• Personalized coaching (available to members and non-members)
• Build strength, stability and body awareness
• Create resilience and endurance
• Accountability to make and meet goals
• Mindset motivation
• Recovery soak in the Springs included
• Progress at a safe rate

Sebi Bascur (he/him)

A former physique competitor and avid outdoors-man, Sebi helps clients establish connections with their body through science-based and habit forming techniques to carry confidence into their life outside the gym. You can expect each session to be educational, entertaining and empowering. Sebi can be found instructing any of the transformative fitness classes or in the squat rack helping members. Outside of Knot Springs you can find Sebi out on the trails in the PNW.

Annie Rosen (she/her)

Practicing yoga for over two decades and has made Annie humbled and delighted to be, as she calls it a "Yoga Suggestor" for the last 10 years - It's all just a suggestion! Annie's classes are comprised of dynamic movement and equally dynamic stillness, invitations towards compassion, awareness, breath, and sequencing that emphasizes the spaces between effort and thought. As a professional Storyteller and Clown, Annie weaves Yogic philosophy and supported science into each practice, while also being FUNNY. Annie hopes your yoga practice assists you in being present for your very own life and as BIG as you really are in the world.

Gerald (Scrutch) Scrutchions (he/him)

Designing flows and movements that are accessible to all individuals, everyday people to athletes that are training to compete in various events is something Scrutch feels passionate about. His focus is mobility, strength and condition. In addition, he implements a mindfulness practice that allows students to take their asana practice from their mat and create a mindset that drives success at home, as well as in your personal and professional life. Outside of movement, you can find Scrutch teaching high school students and training his new puppy.

Bonnie Weeks (she/her)

With a focus on being curious and brave, Bonnie invites others to practice paying attention both on and off the mat. She finds joy in teaching yoga classes that are geared toward biomechanical, science-based movement fused with flow and play. The sequencing will encourage others to find their own definition of strength and emphasize the space between poses. When not teaching, you can find Bonnie lifting weights, surf skating, hanging with her three kids, podcasting, jumping into cold water and writing sexy sunday poetry.

Colin Feldtman (he/him)

Implementing mobility with strength training to create a balanced approach to fitness that will not only have you moving better but moving stronger is Colin’s passion. He teaches fitness classes in our transformative space as well as personal training. As a former collegiate and professional baseball player, he specializes in muscle building and Olympic lifting as well as lifestyle coaching and self-accountability. In Colin’s free time, he likes to play golf with friends and see family on a regular basis.

Alex Kosinski (she/her)

Teaching a class that is physically challenging and intelligently sequenced is something Alex is famous for. She uses her background as an athlete to teach both vinyasa yoga and yoga sculpt. She found yoga after a bittersweet end to a career as a professional runner. When she is not teaching yoga Alex loves to spend her time with her French bulldog Dolce.

Amy Hall (she/her)

Teaching and training from the perspective that everyone is an athlete and our body is our home, Amy guides in a way that is inviting and motivational. She is a personal trainer and teaches group fitness and yoga. Amy believes that participating in fitness and yoga reminds ous how strong we already are, rather than to "fix" something about ourselves. She also enjoys throwing pottery, paddle boarding and houseplants.

Sunray Gmeiner-Perez (he/him)

Sunray is a Queer Filipino-American who loves living among the majestic firs and snow-covered mountains of the Pacific Northwest. He’s a student of the Baptiste methodology of vinyasa, and brings elements of Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, power yoga, and restorative Yin practices to his classes. He fosters calming yet playful energy on the mat and hopes to create a space for curiosity, strength, and resilience. He lives with his partner, daughter, and newly adopted puppy in Portland and loves to garden, discover hiking trails, and search for Sasquatch while exploring the Cascadian wilderness.

Keri Padon (she/her)

Keri is a thoughtful yoga instructor, avid adventurer, athlete, aerialist, budding herbalist (plant lover!), and is all about finding authenticity and cultivating intention with contemplative introspection. She’ll be teaching various yoga and fitness classes including her favorite style of “Rest & Restore”. Keri also loves dogs, dad jokes and puns, hitting the sauna and cold plunge, and mushroom hunting (especially while mountain biking).

Chris Miller (he/him)

Offering a mindful, embodied approach to movement practices, Christopher Miller, L.Ac. is focused on deep listening and spaciousness. He offers Taoist meditation and Qigong. When not holding space at Knot Springs, Chris practices Acupuncture and Bodywork at the Portland Wellness Collective as well as meditation at Pause Meditation. Outside of this service, he enjoys writing haikus, eating his wife’s food and gardening.

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