Studio Instructor

Teaching a class that is physically challenging and intelligently sequenced is something Alex is famous for. She uses her background as an athlete to teach both vinyasa yoga and yoga sculpt. She fell in love with yoga after a bittersweet end to a career as a professional runner. When she is not teaching yoga Alex loves to spend her time with her French bulldog Dolce. (she/her)

Alex can be found instructing Sculpt & Yoga classes.


Group Fitness Instructor

Abby’s life motto is “We’ve only got one life, so let’s live it well! Memento Mori: Memento Vivere” This is how she lives her life. With time, radical self-love, and a refusal to give up on herself, she discovered the secrets to success in fitness. Her mission is to help others find their inner strength, she believes we are all stronger and more capable than we could ever know. With a positive attitude, love, and a little encouragement, anyone can find their strength! Abby believes we can shift the tone and energy in this world if we choose to lift one another up! (she/her)

Abby can be found teaching Group Fitness classes.


Group Fitness Instructor/Trainer

Abigail Parker is a former ballerina turned personal trainer and wellness coach. She loves sharing her passion for movement with others. Abigail has taught a variety of different fitness formats and has coached hundreds of personal training clients. She is dedicated to helping you reach your unique goals and learn how to move with confidence. (she/her)

Abigail can be found instructing Group Fitness classes and is currently new accepting personal training clients.


Studio Instructor

Alli brings strength and mindful sequencing to the class. She grew up as a competitive gymnast and brought her background into yoga in her adult life. She has been teaching for 10 year and still sees herself as a student of yoga. Her focus in class is to meet yourself where you are with radical acceptance. Resiliency can be built through pranayama, asana, and meditation. When Alli is not on her mat, she is heading up to the mountain! Her community is of value to her and enjoys creating connections with others. She is currently a recreation therapist helping people with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries & in a graduate program for mental health counseling- specializing in addictions. (she/her)

Alli can be found teaching Yoga classes.


Group Fitness Instructor/Trainer

During her time as a professional baker, Amanda found her passion for health and wellness and a desire to help people find habits that make themselves feel happy and healthy - inside and out. She can be a bit silly, but her focus is to help others find strength and confidence in the way that they move. Outside of class she enjoys learning new things, spending time outdoors, and cooking and baking. (she/her)

Amanda can be found instructing Group Fitness classes and is currently accepting new personal training clients.


Studio Instructor

Anika has been dancing since she was three, and found yoga as a complement to the rigors of ballet. She has been teaching yoga since 2015, and a licensed massage therapist since 2018, specializing in Thai massage. Anika blends her years in ballet, massage therapy, and passion for anatomy to facilitate creative and purposeful yoga classes. She enjoys using yoga asana as a tool to challenge habitual patterns in body, breath, and mind. (she/her)

Anika can be found teaching Aerial Yoga and Yoga classes


Studio Instructor

Practicing yoga for over two decades and has made Annie humbled and delighted to be, as she calls it a "Yoga Suggestor" for the last 10 years - It's all just a suggestion! Annie's classes are comprised of dynamic movement and equally dynamic stillness, invitations towards compassion, awareness, breath, and sequencing that emphasizes the spaces between effort and thought. As a professional Storyteller and Clown, Annie weaves Yogic philosophy and supported science into each practice, while also being FUNNY. Annie hopes your yoga practice assists you in being present for your very own life and as BIG as you really are in the world. (she/her)

Annie can be found instructing Active Aerial Yoga, Restorative Aerial Yoga and Yoga classes


Studio Instructor

With an emphasis on curiosity and a love for anatomy, August sequences movement that is both safe and dynamic, empowering students to listen to the cues of their own unique body. Staying present with the breath, catching the mind in its habitual tracks, and challenging the body are the fundamentals of her classes. Movement has been a form of embodiment and play since she was a child, though she’s been teaching for four years with a well rounded collection of certifications in yoga, barre, and mat pilates. When she’s not teaching, she’s often taking classes from others or spending time with her 85lb lap dog. (she/her)

August can be found instructing Pilates and Yoga classes


Studio Instructor

Aurora loves to craft playful, accessible & unexpected movement experiences, rooted in experimentation & exploration. She encourages students to see their practice as a laboratory, inviting them to co-create within & customize each pose. Her light-hearted humor, spunky playlists, and warm encouragement creates a welcoming & non-judgmental environment for all experience levels. (she/her)

Aurora can be found teaching Yoga classes.


Studio Instructor

Ave aims to help others find a conscious connection between mind, body and spirit through intentional movement and a focus on breath. While building strength, flexibility and mobility, Ave’s classes offer students a safe place for playfulness, softness and self-exploration. Ave is passionate about guiding students through physical and mindful journeys that extend beyond the mat. Ave’s movement practice also includes hiking with her husband (and baby on the way), exploring the beauty of the pacific northwest. Outside of yoga, she’s also a full-time writer/editor. (she/her)

Ave can be found teaching Yoga classes.


Group Fitness Instructor/Trainer

Damian has spent the last 8+ years training and coaching competitive olympic style weightlifting. When not seen in the gym, Damian is most likely climbing, surfing, or going on a backpacking trip. His love for sport, functional training, and mindful movement has guided his health, wellness, and professional journey. Through a multitude of training modalities, his focus is on helping you develop and mature into the strongest version of yourself. He believes the best training programs start by understanding an individual's unique goals, motivation, and mindset to create consistent and healthy training habits. (he/him)

Damian can be found instructing Group Fitness classes and is currently accepting new personal training clients.


Studio Instructor

Ever-curious about the impact of energetics on our physical reality, Dana brings a unique and integrative approach to her yoga classes that invites you to experience your energy system and authentic connection to self. She often ends class with a sound bath to send you off into your day with some extra feel-good vibes. Dana is trained in multiple styles of yoga and runs an intuitive healing arts practice helping people to gain clarity, insight, and self-empowerment. She loves meditating, dancing, languages, food as medicine, time in nature, and open-hearted connections with her fellow human beings. (she/her)

Dana can be found teaching Kundalini + Sound Bath and Yoga classes.


Group Fitness Instructor/Trainer

As a former collegiate runner, Kayla has a passion for helping other athletes and individuals develop their skills and enhance their performance. She has a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, Master’s in Sports Performance & Conditioning and a Minor in Nutrition. She specializes in strength training, sport specific conditioning, mobility, and functional training. In her free time, Kayla enjoys playing basketball and happy hour! (she/her)

Kayla can be found instructing Group Fitness classes and is currently accepting new personal training clients.


Studio Instructor

Keri is a thoughtful yoga instructor, avid adventurer, athlete, aerialist, budding herbalist (plant lover!), and is all about finding authenticity and cultivating intention with contemplative introspection. Keri loves dogs, dad jokes and puns, hitting the sauna and cold plunge, and mushroom hunting (especially while mountain biking). (she/her)

Keri can be found instructing Yoga classes.


Studio Instructor

Meet Krystal on the mat for thoughtful cues and assists, big smiles and not so traditional musical curation to add playfulness to creative flows. For the past decade yoga has been Krystal’s moving meditation, music as her champion. Off the mat she’s a beauty business entrepreneur with The Sugar Mama spa, animal advocate and professional DJ. (she/her/they)

Krystal can be found instructing Sculpt & Yoga classes.


Studio Instructor

Lizzie’s enthusiasm is contagious! She’s passionate about sharing the strengthening and healing tools that have shaped her life with as many people as possible. She excels at progressive instruction and tailoring movements to the unique body you bring with you each day. A native Portlander, Lizzie spent 25 years in Southern California before returning home to be near family. Any time not teaching is usually spent snuggling her rescued pit bulls! (she/her)

Lizzie can be found instructing Yin Yoga and Yin Aerial Yoga.


Studio & Group Fitness Instructor/Trainer

As a former collegiate gymnast and track athlete, Megan has extensive experience with various fitness training methods. She specializes in body weight conditioning, weight training and Olympic lifts, but most importantly, listening to YOU! Making workouts fun and engaging is the best bet for success in any program. Her belief in building upon fundamental movement patterns keeps your workouts safe and effective. Megan focuses on behavior and performance goals to reach your desired outcome. She hopes to shift the perspective from what your body looks like to how your body can perform. An able, healthy body is a gift. Megan spends her free time chasing around her 2 toddler boys and exploring the mountains. (she/her)

Megan can be found instructing Group Fitness and Barre classes and is currently accepting new personal training clients.


Studio Instructor

Sahar has been practicing yoga for over 13 years and has been a teacher since 2017. Born in Tehran, Iran and growing up in Vienna, Austria, Sahar moved to the US in 2011 to earn her master’s degree in International Human Rights. They completed their yoga training in Vancouver, WA and have since continued their education, completing Living Yoga's trauma-informed teaching program, 100-hour Yin training, 50-hour Aerial Yoga training, mat Pilates training, CoreAlign, and delved deeper into restorative yoga, Nidra, and meditation. Yoga and movement has had a powerful effect on Sahar's life, allowing them to focus on intentional breathing and movement for mental health and our collective betterment. (they/she)

Sahar can be found teaching Aerial Yoga and Yoga classes.


Studio Instructor

Designing flows and movements that are accessible to all individuals, everyday people to athletes that are training to compete in various events is something Scrutch feels passionate about. His focus is mobility, strength and condition. In addition, he implements a mindfulness practice that allows students to take their asana practice from their mat and create a mindset that drives success at home, as well as in your personal and professional life. Outside of Knot Springs,  Scrutch is also a high school teacher and is learning to navigate life with his brand-new puppy. (he/him)

Scrutch can be found instructing Yoga classes.


Studio Instructor

Rebecca Sunshine better known as Sunny is sunshine by name and sunshine by vibe. For her and many others, yoga is a reference point. A return to center. A practice that teaches us how to cultivate awareness, gather strength, share love, and live with intention. She’s trained with movement teachers and body-workers all around the globe and this global perspective has given her the skills necessary to work with a diverse population of clients. Whether she's teaching Slow & Strong, Rest & Restore or Meditation & Movement, one thing is clear: her thermal updrafts of love and light defy gravity around every turn. (she/her)

Sunny can be found instructing Yoga classes.


Studio Instructor

Sunray is a Queer Filipino-American who loves living among the majestic firs and snow-covered mountains of the Pacific Northwest. He’s a student of the Baptiste methodology of vinyasa, and brings elements of Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, power yoga, and restorative Yin practices to his classes. He fosters calming yet playful energy on the mat and hopes to create a space for curiosity, strength, and resilience. He lives with his partner, daughter, and newly adopted puppy in Portland and loves to garden, discover hiking trails, and search for Sasquatch while exploring the Cascadian wilderness. (he/him/they)

Sunray can be found instructing Yoga classes.


Studio & Group Fitness Instructor/Trainer

Walt molds together movement, mobility, mindfulness and just the right amount of push to have you feeling strong and accomplished after your workout.  As a fitness professional for over six years, his passion for movement and mindfulness comes from losing over 100lbs, finding peace in the gym, and eventually peace within himself.  When you see him, give your best brunch recommendations; let's just say brunch is his jam! (he/him)

Walt can be found instructing Sound Bath and Group Fitness classes and is currently accepting new personal training clients.