OR LMT #6496

Jill loves making people feel good. Her bodywork ranges from deeply relaxing to deeply detailed. Specialities include Cupping, Hot Stone and Swedish, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (she/her)


OR LMT #24905

Julien uses an intuitive touch to help manage pain and tension in the body. Offering Swedish, deep tissue, cupping, CBD and hot stone, their goal is to help you feel better in your body in a safe, judgment free space. (they/them)


OR LMT #18994

Kate has spent over a decade crafting the art of “productive relaxation” blending soothing massage with deep tissue to loosen up the body. In addition to Swedish and Deep tTssue, she also offers prenatal massage as well as hot stone, cbd, and foot rubs. (she/her)


OR LMT #19809

Katherine loves discovering each person’s unique self-care journey and easing both their mind and body with compassionate touch. Specializing in a blend of Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, trauma-informed massage and other Knot Springs offerings (she/her)


OR LMT #24855

Kelly pairs emotional intelligence with gentle, intuitive touch to coax the body into a state of relaxation, leaving you rejuvenated and happy. Specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, CBD and other Knot Springs' offerings, Kelly breathes space into the sticky areas of the body. (she/her)


OR LMT #25645

Laura's aspiration is to help clients release stress and tension in order to feel more at home in their bodies. Through a blend of relaxation and deep techniques, Laura works to find the root cause of tension. Specialities include Swedish, Deep Tissue and CBD, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (they/she)


OR LMT #27840

Lia is a therapist who loves to draw from a background including yoga and dance to understand and respect each individual’s present moment needs. She specializes in Swedish, Deep tissue, CBD, and incorporates Thai and myofascial techniques within table sessions. (she/her)


OR FT #10222977

Bio coming soon!


OR LMT #27206

Meesh welcomes every body to the table with trauma-informed touch highlighted by an intuitive, flowy style. Specializing in Deep Tissue, Swedish and Cupping. (they/them)


OR LMT #12433

Michele's longevity as a therapist allows her to truly tap into what the body needs. Deep, flowy and broad pressure sprinkled with relaxing strokes provides a complete session. Specializing in Prenatal, Swedish, Deep Tissue and and other Knot Springs' offerings. (she/her)


OR LMT #26237 / OR FT #10233549

Mikaela blends a rhythmic and flowy style with deep, intentional work. Through focused work and deep breathing, Mikaela's massages help create space to release tension with force. Specializing in Ashiatsu, Deep Tissue and Cupping, and other Knot Springs' offerings. Mikaela is also offering skincare at Knot Springs (she/her)


OR LMT #26039

Mila approaches massage by incorporating a range of therapeutic techniques to soothe, connect and release tension. Her style is deep and intuitive, drawing on ancient cross-cultural healing to reset the nervous system. Specialities include Swedish, Deep Tissue, CBD and Prenatal, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (she/her)


OR LMT #23215

Peter loves the mind-body connection and makes this the focal point of each massage he offers. His style is intuitive and deep, relying on joint manipulation, deep pressure and myofascial release to achieve your goals. Specialities include Hot Stone, Cupping, Deep Tissue, CBD and Swedish, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (he/him)

Sarah C

OR FT #10163168

Sarah finds joy in facilitating a moment of peace and relaxation. With a caring touch and keen eye, she offers a thorough and nourishing skincare treatment. (she/her)


OR LMT #10595

Summer has been providing sessions for a very long time and loves the lighter, flowy work. By integrating her years of Thai massage, Deep Tissue and Swedish, her approach is holistic, focused and rhythmic. Specialities include traditional Thai massage, Deep Tissue, CBD, and Swedish, and other Knot Springs' offerings. (she/her)


OR LMT #27785

Sunny aka Rebecca Sunshine is sunshine by name and sunshine by vibe. Sunny blends Swedish, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu and subscribes to the philosophy that deep work doesn't always require deep pressure. You're sure to leave her treatments feeling more centered, grounded and relaxed. Specializing in Deep Swedish, CBD and other Knot Spring's offerings. (she/her)