Meesh, LMT OR# 27206

Meesh welcomes every body to the table with trauma-informed touch highlighted by an intuitive, flowy style. Specializing in Deep Tissue, Swedish and Cupping. 

Davin, LMT OR# 17901

Davin finds your spots and releases tension effectively. Preferring deep work, he can offer a solid session with focused, intentional work. Specializing in Deep Tissue, Swedish and CBD, and other Knot Springs' offerings.

Kelly, LMT OR# 24855

Kelly pairs emotional intelligence with gentle, intuitive touch to coax the body into a state of relaxation, leaving you rejuvenated and happy. Specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, CBD and other Knot Springs' offerings, Kelly breathes space into the sticky areas of the body.

Mazzy, LMT OR# 26797

Mazzy's trauma-informed touch and training in somatic healing helps them create a therapeutic and personalized session. Through a spectrum of pressure, Mazzy creates a safe space for all. Specializing in Swedish, CBD, Deep Tissue and Cupping, and other Knot Springs' offerings.

Christopher, LMT OR# 27118

Christopher loves helping people feel more comfortable and at ease in their bodies. His style combines compassionate presence, intuitive flow, and gentle strength to provide a deeply relaxing and well rounded session. Specializing in Thai, Swedish, deep tissue, CBD, and other Knot Springs' offerings.

Julien, LMT OR# 24905

Julien uses an intuitive touch to help manage pain and tension in the body. Offering Swedish, deep tissue, cupping, CBD and hot stone, their goal is to help you feel better in your body in a safe, judgment free space. 

Fiona, LMT OR# 25012

Fiona believes each massage is as unique as the person she is working on. Through her years of human and animal massage Fiona has learned how to pay close attention to the rhythms and cues of the body, taking a slow, deep pressure approach or light and soothing flow. Specializing in Swedish, deep tissue, and CBD.

Makenzie, LMT OR# 18923

Mackenzie's love of sports and working with athletes informs her work on many levels. If you are looking for deep, focused work, Mackenzie will deliver. Specializing in Ashiatsu, Deep Tissue, Cupping and Hot Stone, and other Knot Springs' offerings.

Celeste, LMT OR# 27353

Celeste combines massage and grounding techniques to help your nervous system decompress through her vast knowledge and life-long involvement in sports and recovery. Specializing in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, CBD and Swedish.

Katherine, LMT OR# 19809

Katherine loves discovering each person’s unique self-care journey and easing both their mind and body with compassionate touch. Specializing in a blend of Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, trauma-informed massage and other Knot Springs offerings.