Eli Evangelista

Welcome to the Member's Corner! We are excited for you to get to know other members in the KS Community. Through personal stories, we can all gain insight into how members are living the philosophy of wellness and good times.

Meet Eli Evangelista!

“Professionally, I work with digestive health issues in a holistic health clinic as a Functional Nutrition Dietitian. I moved to Portland 3 years ago from Washington DC which was a big culture change and a welcome one at that! I lived in and around Washington DC for 8 years before moving to Portland and my favorite change is that the daily commute expectation in DC was to drive 1 hour each way (for anything related to work, friends, activities) whereas in Portland, that's laughable. Moving here opened up time to dedicate back to my own wellness which is what brought me to Knot Springs. I remember the first time a friend brought me and I loved the variety of classes and the pool/sauna options we know and love. The ability to pick your adventure and switch it up from day to day is what continues to win me over.

I'm currently in my second year of KS membership and lately, my go-to rotation is dry sauna, cold plunge, steam room, sitting outside in the sun (hello sunny season), and tepid pool. There's relaxation magic that happens in the tepid pool specifically, I swear. The biggest value add has been the support received on my journey to work-life balance. Having an evening class on the schedule has helped to put work fully down at the end of the day and unwind. Not to mention the people, members and staff, are a pleasure to chat with and get to know.”


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