Matt Borish

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Meet Matt Borish!

“As a founding member of Knot Springs Social Club, I’ve been extremely fortunate to spend so much time here. Access to the diverse range of classes, depending on what my body needs, has been such a luxury. Knot Springs has not only improved my physical well-being but has also played an essential role in my mental health.

Some of my most memorable moments at KS have occurred during sunrise and sunset workouts in the 5th-floor space. I adore the large windows that let the golden, pink, and purple hues of the sun stream in, creating a breathtaking and motivating atmosphere. Combined with this aesthetic, the instructors’ unique styles always add something special. Whether it’s Annie’s singing at the end of class, Jamie reminding us that we can do eight more reps in our sleep, or Keri’s peaceful position adjustments, I always leave class feeling enriched and grateful.

The challenging workouts at KS have also fostered many lasting friendships. There’s nothing like exchanging glances with your buddies during one of Alex’s grueling classes as she shouts, “shoulders forward,” when you feel like you can’t hold a plank any longer. The camaraderie that develops during these sessions goes beyond the walls of KS, creating connections that continue to grow both in and out of the club.

After the workouts, there’s no better place to recover than the truly gorgeous springs space, which has become my social hub. I love the group therapy sauna sessions, where interesting members share their life experiences and receive crowd-sourced advice. And of course, I have a love-hate relationship with the cold plunge!

In conclusion, my seven-year journey at Knot Springs has been nothing short of amazing. From the inspiring workouts to the lasting friendships formed and the incredible improvements in my overall well-being, I am immensely thankful for this experience. It has not only transformed my life but has also provided me with a welcoming and supportive community that I am proud to be a part of.”

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