Breath and Cold Exposure Mini Retreat with Reis Paluso


$299 per person

In this immersive mini-retreat experience led by Reis Paluso, we will tap into the boundless potential waiting to be unlocked in you.

This is an opportunity to examine how breathing, cold and heat therapy, and human connection can open up new portals of self-awareness and curiosity, enhance adaptability and versatility, increase resilience and capacity, and boost overall physical and mental well-being.

Our focus for the weekend is on "experiential learning in community". In our laboratory of Knot Springs, you will traverse the landscape of your mind, body, and spirit through guided breathing and contrast therapy sessions, an exploration into the principles of the art and science of the practices, combined with group discussions and interaction.

In the end, you will walk away with practical skills and knowledge to incorporate into your daily life, enabling you to tap into your fullest potential and achieve your goals with greater ease and success.

Saturday, July 29: Attunement

5:00 PM: Opening Circle, group intros, intentions, and expectations
6:00 PM: Exploring Human Potential
6:30 PM: Guided Breathing Session
7:30 PM: Reflections + Q&A
8:00 PM: End

sunday July 30: Exploration and Play

9:00 AM: Morning Practice, including presence, breathing, and movement
10:00 AM: Foundations of Breath 
11:00 AM: Fundamentals of Cold & Heat
12:00 PM: Short Break
12:30 PM: Group Contrast Session
1:30 PM: Q&A + Closing Circle
2:00 PM: End

Note: Individuals with cardiovascular health-related symptoms must consult with their medical provider before attending the program. If you are epileptic or pregnant, you are unfortunately not eligible to participate.