Our Ritual will effortlessly guide you through tried and true ways to increase circulation, reduce pain and boost immunity.

Start with a cleansing exfoliation shower then move from Tepidarium to Caldarium to cold plunge stopping at steam and sauna rooms along the way. Rejuvenate and relax while taking in the best views of the Portland skyline.

Experience The Ritual when you visit The Springs.

Exfoliation Shower

Scrub away your day with our custom salt scrub to begin the Springs Ritual.


Our tepid warm and still soaking pool is set just-below body temperature to encourage your muscles to relax and unwind.


Sink into our 104 degree hot and bubbly soaking pool complete with powerful jets to open your pores and melt your tension away.

Cold Plunge

Our 47 degree full body immersion cold plunge immediately helps aid in recovery, exercise the heart and sharpen the mind.


The dry heat of the sauna helps to reduce stress and improve sleep while boosting the immune system. 


Thick steam infused with wellness-boosting essential oils will increase your blood flow, reduce stress and soften the skin.

Rest and Re-Hydrate

Pour a glass of water and recline into your newfound relaxation.  After a rest, repeat the Ritual and do it all over again.


For more info, visit our FAQs. You can also email at hello@knotsprings.com or call us at (503) 222-5668.