For body work, chose between 9 different styles:

Our personalized facials bring out healthy, glowing skin with the help of Laurel whole plant organics ~biodynamic, raw-ingredient and filler-free.products.

(+ $15 add on)

Long, flowing gliding strokes work to relax and decompress the body as a whole.

Releasing rooted knots that live in the fascia and deeply in the muscles will translate to fewer headaches, less tension, improved joint flexibility, and more.

Organic CBD oil is used to uproot pain, inflammation, and stress with either a deep tissue massage or Swedish focus. 

(+ $15 add on)

Water-heated stones are used to melt the muscles into deep relaxation as the body is eased of tension and soreness.

24 hour notice needed, please call to book.

Thai massage balances the body’s energy system by employing interactive stretching and localized pressure that stimulate active energetic pathways. This treatment takes place on a floor mat and is fully clothed.

Deep, broad pressure applied by the therapist’s feet is achieved by using overhead bars that lend them stability and balance.

Specially designed cups are applied to the body, generation therapeutic pressure to aid with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and well being.

Comfortable cushions help ease the pain and tension in the hips and low back with focused work aimed at reducing swelling and increasing blood flow. Pre-16 weeks will need a doctor's approval to receive this, or any treatments at Knot Springs.