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Dear Knot Springs Valued Members,

As we embark on another New Year, with opportunities for growth, refinement and evolution, we first want to take a moment of gratitude for you, our valued members. As we continue to create a wellness social club that builds community, highlights healthy lifestyles and supports good times, you have, and continue to be our foundation, and for that we are deeply appreciative.

Since reopening in August 2021, we have seen substantial growth in the wellness industry overall. More people are prioritizing their physical and mental self-care, and seeking respite in places like Knot Springs. It’s our commitment to support everyone’s wellness goals as best we can while unequivocally preserving the experience for each and every guest.  

This is our top priority moving into 2024. 

As you may have seen, new memberships have been closed for quite some time. The desire to be a part of the Knot Springs community runs deep. How do we, as a business, ensure we are providing the best experience for all? 

Through extensive research and reflection, we will be making some needed changes to the membership access experience in the New Year to ensure this goal is met. 

Beginning February 1, 2024, all memberships will move to an “Unlimited Reservations” model. Through the Knot Springs branded app, you will be able to reserve your spot in our classes and in our Springs area by choosing a “MEMBER Springs Visit”. You can come everyday for a 2-hour Member Springs visit, you just simply need to reserve an available spot. If the Springs are full, simply choose another time or day. We have allotted member-only reservations to each 2-hour time frame for your convenience. 

Key Points to know:

  • Unlimited open gym access does not change. As always, no reservations are required. Our gym is reserved for members-only (no guests allowed) during your membership timeframe parameters

  • Unlimited reservations for group fitness classes during membership timeframe parameters

  • Unlimited Springs Reservations during your membership timeframe parameters 

  • A Contract Addendum is required to continue membership, signed no later than February 1, 2024. Located at the top of this post.

  • All reservations have a late cancellation/ no show policy and fees (see FAQs on Member Hub)

We have done our best to anticipate any questions that you may have. At the top of this email, you will find a FAQ section, a link to the Contract Addendum, and a direct link to schedule a 30-min meeting with your membership liaison, Mali, should you need more guidance. Member Springs Visit reservations are now open for booking. 

Thank you for being a valuable member of the Knot Springs community. We hope these changes will bring a more enjoyable experience for all.