To book a treatment, please call 503-222-KNOT (5668) or download our Knot Springs app here to book online.  

All treatments include time in the springs, steam and sauna

includes 1 hour in the springs, steam and sauna
Member: $60   |   Non-Member: $75

includes 2 hours in the springs, steam and sauna
Member: $104   |   Non-Member: $130

includes 2 hours in the springs, steam and sauna
Member: $144   |   Non-Member: $180



To book a treatment, please call 503-222-KNOT (5668) or download our Knot Springs app here to book online.  


This traditional Swedish-style massage employs long, gliding strokes to relax the body as a whole. Directing movements like kneading, tapping, and shaking motions encourages blood to return to the heart. It’s a total decompress for active bodies that come across a world of kinks during a hectic day.


Deep tissue massage aims to apply nourishing pressure to peel away layers of tension. Kneading rooted knots that live in the fascia of active, aching bodies requires a bit of elbow grease and translates to fewer headaches, improved joint flexibility, and more.


Thai massage balances the body’s energy system by employing interactive stretching and localized pressure that stimulate active energetic pathways. This is an ancient form of massage and has been used for decades to improve flexibility, reduce tension, and stimulate internal organs. It’s less of a drool-on-the-pillow, and more of a tackle-the-to-do-list massage.


When the hands can’t deliver, we call in the feet. Deep, broad pressure applied by the therapist’s feet is achieved while she uses overhead bars that lend her stability and balance. Those ailing from deep, seemingly unconquerable aches benefit tremendously.


Sports massage is a treat for your knots after a burly workout. It’s designed for those who diligently hit the pavement, or fight tooth-and-nail to break their PR. Expect an engaging mix of techniques including classic Swedish strokes, cross-fiber friction, pressure-point work, and joint mobilization. It promotes flexibility, is injury preventative, and aides athletic endeavors both pre and post event.


The body becomes a Zen garden as water-heated stones are situated and re-situated to unearth flowing energetic pathways. The spirit sinks into deep relaxation as the body is eased of tension and soreness.


A gentle, rhythmic touch awakens CranioSacral fluid and invites it to reverberate about a weary body. CranioSacral therapy helps to pacify nervous disorders, correct motor-coordination impairments, and to calm the effects of insomnia.


Prenatal massage nods to the conviction that wellness is paramount for a mom-to-be. Reducing swelling, increasing blood flow, and addressing pain and tension in the hips and low back are what cushions a more comfortable pregnancy. And yes, plenty of cushions are available to comfortably accommodate bellies of any size.


Imagine that body-temple of yours as a river. TuiNa is a traditional Chinese medicial practice that reorients your "currents" or Qi to flow naturally. This modality utilizes a range of techniques from kneading, shaking, and stretching in order to restore and replenish Qi throughout the body, leaving your bones and joints revitalized and prepared to "send it" into the world. 


Take organic aromatherapy, add a dash of essential oils and dreamy medicinal herbs, then bring your face into the mix, and we have the perfect recipe for your brand new facial treatment. Each appointment goes down a little differently – just like each face is a little different. Personalized treatments take dry skin, zits or age lines head on (pun intended) while steering clear of artificial coloring, phony fragrances, and GMOs. Winning.


Hey, dirty mind, cupping is an ancient Chinese medicinal practice. Think small, special cups that generate gentle to deep therapeutic pressure to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and well-being. You'll be able to tell your partner they are therapeutic hickies.