To guarantee your soak,  make a reservation via our app in the iTunes store, or give us a call 503-222-5668 (KNOT).   Otherwise, soaks are first come first serve. 

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Our prolific, lush Pacific Northwest meets ancient European tradition to inspire Knot Springs. Misty spaces invite a peaceful, yet social sojourn while tiptoeing between chilly, temperate, and hot pools or dissipating into the steam room. Natural, handcrafted exfoliating spa products heighten senses and create a space to peel away the layers of a bustling day.

Just around the corner, Portland’s most practiced massage therapists knead wellness into tired muscles, teasing out natural vibrancy and restoring energy flows.

It’s the epitome of fresh—infusing the vibe on occasion with a little punk rock here, and a little old-timey jazz there. The collective experience that is Knot Springs remixes elements that suggest a sacred space with a notion that a gypsy gathering at a wooded hot springs is over the next draw.



Scrub away the residue of your busy day with our custom crafted exfoliation cocktail.


Sink into the tepid 96 to 98 degree pool. That feeling you get? It’s like taking your tight ski boots off after an epic day on the slopes. The comfortable just-below-body temperature water eases muscle tension and is a gateway into the rest of the springs experience.


102 degrees of quiet relaxation is complete with powerful hydro jets because kinked and overworked muscles are not a good look on anyone. Pore-opening minerals help wash away toxins and leave your skin soft.


In ancient Turkish spa tradition, a stark, cool plunge immediately following a sojourn in a Caldarium knocks out any remaining toxins and sharpens the mind. It’s like taking a bite out of a cold, ripe peach on an August day.


The dry heat of the sauna flushes harmful toxins while aiding in weight loss and boosting the immune system. Plus, it’s a better place to engage in conversation than at a bar. Or to not engage in conversation.


Thick steam is siphoned through wellness-boosting herbal fusions to increase your blood flow and invigorate weary muscles. Calming herbal steam is also known to reduce stress and improve complexion.


Pour a tall glass of water and recline into the serenity of the relaxation lounge. Take a nap, chill out, hop up and do it all over again.