Mirroring Portland’s affinity for breathing contemporary life into ancient tradition, Aerial Yoga remixes rhythmic breath-centered movement with modern, mid-air technique. It’s like painting with a multi-dimensional canvas.


Breath and movement marry to create the rhythmic, nourishing flow of Vinyasa Yoga. It’s a perfect complement for runners, bikers, and movers looking to revitalize creaky joints, and for the more mellow types looking to bring mindfulness back. Breathe in, breathe out.


This practice invites you to breathe, sweat, and open your body and mind to the infinite greatness that
exists within you. Power Vinyasa allows you to build true strength as you move through body-opening, powerful asanas, which  releases stored tension and deepens your flexibility.  Find your absolute
center as your balance steadies. We challenge you to breathe deeply and discover your inner fire as you
move through this invigorating practice. (A vigorous class appropriate for all levels.)
This class is 75 minutes. 


Restorative and meditative, Yin Yoga aims to center the mind—relieving it of the stressful senses—for a very slow-paced, satiating, and healing practice. It’s like dipping your consciousness in honey.


When vinyasa flow meets strength training, plyo, and cardio, good things happen. Hold the meditation and the om, this one is all about a healthy heart rate and working long, lean muscles. Pro tip: bring a sweat towel!


Pilates is a harmonization of controlled movement of the body and engagement in the mind. It’s been long known to reduce stress and unearth secret ab muscles you never knew of while crafting long, lean muscles without bulking up. It’s a time-tested holistic system of movement, but this one is definitely not your mom’s Pilates class.


The heritage from which barre draws is rooted in natural wellness theory, and shaped by long-legged ballet history. As centered on stretching and cultivating long muscles as it is on increasing flexibility and improving balance, expect a mix of free standing light weight lifting, mat work, and plenty of barre work.