We know what you're thinking... and no we didn't type that wrong. Shvitz tops our list of favorite words 'round here. 

/SHvits/ n. A sauna or steam bath.

Now to the main purpose of this note: to let you know that doing corporate things in your bathing suit isn’t weird. Moving happy hours away from the too-stiff cocktails and team building activities away from the awkward ropes courses and into a more laid-back atmosphere can earn you serious points with your crew.

We’re not just about the team building though—the Knot Springs staff can help craft an event that’ll fit your purpose. “Have a Shvitz” is a K/S original daytime offering for businesses. Because simply, we believe that a team that soaks together, works better together (or something like that).

Sold on the idea already? Here are the deets to pass to the boss:

  • $125 for 3 Shvitz passes, $45 per additional
  • Soak times between 9am-3pm, M-F. Soakers must be out of the pools by 5pm.
  • Call to reserve a spot. Otherwise, first come, first served.

Mo’ bigger, mo’ betta…Have A Shvitz XL

Need a post-soak meeting room? CENTRL OFFICE, located across the street in Slate, has got you covered with rooms that will accommodate up to 25. Give us a call at K/S and we can work out all of the details for you.

Let’s get planning. Call us. 503.222.5668