Where is Knot Springs located? 

Knot Springs is located inside YARD (33 NE 3rd Avenue). You can get to Knot Springs through the main lobby of YARD by taking the elevators up to the 5th floor podium level.  You can also enter in the side-door of YARD off of 3rd Ave and walk up to the 5th floor level (entrance off 3rd begins on level 3). From parking garage, simply find an elevator and take it to the 5th level.  

What should I expect when visiting Knot Springs? 

Knot Springs is a new format social club centered around health, wellness and good times. Expect to unwind among friends in a social environment; whether that is in a misty steam room, out on the deck enjoying kombucha or tea, or sweating in one of our transformative or restorative fitness classes. 


How much does it cost to be a member of Knot Springs?

We offer a variety of membership options for both the general public and residents of YARD. While memberships are not required to visit Knot Springs, members do receive special member-only incentives, including 20% off of personal training and massage services, and access to exclusive member-only events and workshops.  Stop by or give us a call to discuss our current membership options. 

Do you offer couple or group rates? 

Yes. Give us a call at 503-222-KNOT or stop by and visit us to discuss our membership referral program.  

Are memberships required to visit the Spa? 

No. Day passes, drop-in soaks and group fitness passes are also available for purchase. 


Are reservations for the springs required? 

Yes. All non-members are now required to book a reservation prior to their visit. To book a reservation for the springs, please give us a call at 503-222-KNOT.  If you are planning on visiting us for a massage, your springs reservation will be included in your massage booking. 

What other services does Knot Springs offer? 

For an additional fee, members and guests can purchase personal training services, nutritional services and massage. 

Do you have to be a member of Knot Springs to book a massage? 

No. However, all members receive 20% off of massage services. 

Can Non-Members visit the springs before or after their massage appointment?

YES! All massage appointments for non-members include time in our hot springs inspired spa. 30-minute appointments include 1 hour in the spa, and 60 and 90-minute appointments include 2 hours in the spa. 

What Spa products are used at Knot Springs? 

We have partnered with a local apothecary company, Midnight Collective, to create a custom all natural, hypoallergenic, gluten free and vegan body care  line for you to enjoy at Knot Springs. Our custom body care line will also be available for purchase. 

Do you have to be a member of Knot Springs in order to purchase Personal Training and Partner Training packages? 

No. However, all members of K/S receive 20% off of Personal Training services.  

Do you have to be a member of Knot Springs to join the group fitness classes? 

No. Non-members can purchase class packages and enjoy both our transformative and restorative group fitness classes. 

DO you have a late-cancel or no-show policy for classes and planned visits to the hot Springs Inspired spa?

Yes. Reservations that are not canceled within the 4-hour cancelation window will be subject to a full drop-in rate, which is $55 for a soak, $25 for a class. This policy also applies to members of Knot Springs. 

What is the difference between transformative and restorative classes? 

Our transformative classes are designed to make you sweat. They are high impact workouts that focus on leaning out your body, building strength and endurance. Our restorative classes are generally low impact, focusing on connecting your breath to movement,  stretching, relaxing your mind and toning your muscles. You might sweat, you might not.  

What is performance IQ technology? 

Performance IQ is a software we use to hold our class-goers accountable. It uses heart rate monitors to calculate your heart rate during all of our transformative classes and uses it to calculate various metrics resulting from your workout. Each person receives an email after class summarizing your results! 

What gym equipment is available for members to use? 

Burl gym is filled with high-end state-of-the-art equipment by Matrix. Each cardio piece
(treadmills, ellipticals, stepmills) is equipped with touchscreen technology with wifi, allowing you to not only surf the web, but enjoy a virtual run through the forest or even track your workouts. For weights, we offer a Double Mega rack by Matrix, dual cable cross, full set of dumbbells, and much more. 

What is an InBody Analysis test? 

The InBody is an advanced body composition analysis tool we use  as a baseline assessment at Knot Springs. It analyzes an individual's body composition, including total body water, muscle mass, body fat percentage, segmental lean analysis and  resting metabolic rate to offer our clients an in depth review of their current physical state. 

Is there a limit to how long I can spend in the Springs? 

Members of Knot Springs can soak for as long as they would like, taking breaks every15-minutes. We recommend a 2 hour visit.  All day passes include 2 hours in the springs with the option to extend your soak for an additional fee.

What type of massage should I get? 

We offer a wide variety of massage modalities and our expertly trained massage therapists are happy to help you find the perfect massage treatment for your needs.  

I have a health condition, am I able to receive massage/acupuncture or visit the Springs?

Please consult with your doctor before partaking in any activity at Knot Springs. A doctor’s note for clearance may be required before receiving any treatment.  

Do you take insurance for massage and acupuncture services? 

We do not.  

What is your CANCELLATION policy for group fitness, the springs,  and treatments?

For group fitness and springs reservations, we have a 4 hour cancellation policy, or by 9pm the previous night for early morning classes.   No shows and late cancels will be charged a full drop-in rate of $25/person for group fitness classes, and a full drop-in soak rate of $55/person for springs reservations.  This applies to both members and non-members.

For treatments, we require a 24 hour cancellation window. No shows and late cancels for all treatments will result in a no-show  or late cancel fee that is equivalent to the full price of the treatment. If you need to reschedule your appointment and are inside the 24 hour window, a rescheduling fee of $50 may apply.  This applies to both members and non-members. 






What is included in my visit to KNot Springs?

We take care of everything for you, including towels, robes, flip flops, spa products and lockers with self-setting combination locks. All you have to provide is your bathing suit.  Please, no glass water bottles. 


Persons 16 years of age and older are welcome at Knot Springs. Of course, all minors will require parental consent.


Not at this time.  


Yes. There is plenty of street parking along NE 3rd Ave, as well as a parking garage located inside YARD. All members and guests  of Knot Springs will receive up to 1 hour of complimentary validated parking from Knot Springs. We have plenty of secured bike parking options too.


We suggest speaking with your doctor first before partaking in any activities at Knot Springs. We do offer pre-natal massage treatments with doctor approval.  


Our pools are treated with ultraviolet light, which keeps the level of chlorine required in our pools at a minimum. 


Outside food and drinks will not be allowed inside the springs. For your convenience, we offer complimentary custom spa water and tea and  kombucha and local nutrition bars for purchase.